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Amazon Black Friday PS5 Restock Information

Photo by Sony

Black Friday is almost upon us and for fans that are looking to get their hands on the PS5 will have to look elsewhere instead of Amazon.

Amazon will not be offering PS5 restock at the moment, but they do have a ton of the other great deals in the video game world.

Amazon Black Friday PS5 Restock Information

Amazon has not released any details about PS5 restock but they are offering a ton of other amazing deals for video game fans.

There will be deal up to 20% off on Spectre monitors across Amazon on Black Friday.

If you want to try get your own PS5, many fans have turned towards the Walmart route. Walmart has been rumored to be releasing PS5 restock for Black Friday. Walmart has yet to confirm the availability of the PS5 but they have heavily advertised the console on their Black Friday ads.

If you were to go through Walmart, be careful with bots competing with you as this has been a huge problem since the next-gen consoles were released originally last year.

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