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Among Us 15 Player Lobbies Announced

15-player lobbies are coming to Among Us.
15-player lobbies are coming to Among Us. / Photo courtesy of InnerSloth

InnerSloth has announced that 15-player lobbies are coming to Among Us. Given the large size of the latest map, The Airship, the game developer has decided to expand the number of players that can fill a lobby.

In a blog post from March 31, InnerSloth released a variety of information regarding future updates to the game. Having hired two new programmers, the InnerSloth team is now set to expand Among Us at a more rapid pace.

Among Us 15 Player Lobbies Announced

InnerSloth introduced 15-player lobbies to take advantage of the latest Among Us map's size, which is the largest of all the four maps. The Airship offers a variety of new areas to explore and tasks to perform. It was inspired by the Henry Stickmin game, Infiltrating the Airship, a game published by InnerSloth.

In addition to 15-player lobbies, InnerSloth is set to update the game with revamped visuals. According to their latest blog post, "Puffballs has completely updated the art style with cleaner lines and an easier animation process." The game developers also announced their commitment to releasing more "more frequent, transparent updates", with the goal of giving Among Us fans a behind-the-scenes look into their development process.

The Airship was released on March 31. Alongside the latest map, there is also a new Airship bundle that players can purchase for $1.99.