Among Us 2 Canceled Amid First Game's Popularity

Innersloth canceled a planned sequel to focus on the current iteration.
Innersloth canceled a planned sequel to focus on the current iteration. / Photo by InnerSloth

Among Us 2 has officially been canceled by developers InnerSloth. Now you might be wondering why, with the meteoric rise in popularity Among Us has received in the past two months, InnerSloth would cancel the sequel. Well, the developers decided it would be better for them to work on improving the existing Among Us rather than create a sequel.

InnerSloth has revealed that all the content that they had created for Among Us 2 will instead be added to Among Us. The developer had planned a sequel to improve on the outdated code in the original, which prevented the InnerSloth from making the kind of extensive additions they had planned. In light of the current levels of engagement with Among Us, InnerSloth will instead focus its efforts on improving the existing game and reworking and changing some of the old code.

Along with the cancelation announcement, InnerSloth announced that they would be working to implement a colorblind mode, since so much of the game relies on identification via color. They will also be attempting to add a friends and accounts system to make it easier for people to play with friends. A new stage based on the Harvey Stickmin game series was also announced. InnerSloth also assured players they were working on the server problems but do not yet have an estimate for when they'll be fixed.