Among Us 6 Digit Code Error: How to Fix

Among Us 6 digit code and how to fix it
Among Us 6 digit code and how to fix it / InnerSloth LLC

Among Us 6 Digit Code error is a common complaint after the launch of the newest patch from InnerSloth LLC.

Players are reporting an error with the next six-digit lobby code system implemented after a brand new update this month, Sept. 2020. This was the primary change introduced after the patch. InnerSloth decided to make the lobby code longer in an effort to accommodate the influx of just under 1.5 million new concurrent players.

Below you'll find how to fix the biggest problem facing the six-digit system.

Among Us 6 Digit Code Error: How to Fix

Fortunately, despite the sheer amount of complaints and individual occurrences of this error being reported by players, the fix is rather easy. The leading cause of players being unable to connect with or use the new six-digit code system is their application now being out of date. Players should first be sure their game has been updated to version 2020.9.9.

Beyond this, there aren't many ways to go about fixing the problem. If the update isn't available for your platform yet, the best option is to wait for it to roll out and take effect. Otherwise, players are encouraged to check on their own internet connection or contact their provider.

Good luck, crewmates.