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Among Us Accounts Explained

Among Us accounts arrive March 31.
Among Us accounts arrive March 31. / Photo courtesy of Innersloth

Among Us accounts are slated to hit the game next week in the Airship update. Innersloth has big plans for this account system, but it's starting small. Here's everything you need to know about the new accounts system.

Among Us Account Features: Reporting, Display Name Changes & More

Among Us accounts launch March 31. Innersloth explained the system in a blog post Wednesday, saying players would need to create Among Us accounts to use the game's free chat feature. Usernames won't be exclusive, so repeat usernames will be allowed. Players will still be able to choose a display name separate from their account name.

Players under the minimum age of digital consent in their country — 13 in the United States — will have to get a parent or guardian's permission to use free chat or change their display name.

Players who don't want to make an account, or who don't get a guardian's permission, will still be able to play in Guest Mode. Guest Mode allows the player to choose a display name from a list of randomized options. It also locks the player into Quick Chat and disables free chat.

Accounts will enable reporting, which should help curb the use of inappropriate names and chat messages, cheating or hacking, and harassment. Innersloth says it will be able to temporarily and permanently ban accounts, including alternate accounts. It has also published a Code of Conduct as a reference point for good behavior, what necessitates a report and possible punishments.

Among Us Friends List, Cross-Platform Cosmetics Planned

In the future, Innersloth plans to add the ability to link multiple accounts across platforms and storefronts, transfer cosmetics between devices, and build and maintain a friends list.