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Among Us Bug Fixes Explained

Bugs are also being patched in preparation for the new update
Bugs are also being patched in preparation for the new update / Photo Courtesy of Inner Sloth

Among Us has revealed its bug fixes for the upcoming airship update. The new update is bringing a whole new, massive map into the game, the airship. It also seeks to create 15-man lobbies, a significant upgrade from the former 10. Of course, Inner Sloth has also decided to fix many bugs plaguing the game in preparation for this massive update.

Among Us Bug Fixes Explained

One of the more fixes announced here is the authentication failure for google accounts. This is an annoying and troublesome bug that's stopping players from making an account through their google account, meaning mobile Android players are getting the worst of it. Other fixes include shaky lobbies, with a recommended fix being to turn off vsync as they work on it. IOS players may have seen some awkward shadows, and Among Us have confirmed that should be patched out. For those who get stuck or frozen after a meeting, players are recommended to simply open the settings menu and then close it. They should be free to move after doing so.

Among Us' new update is sure to cause a spike in player count and server traffic. As old bugs are fixed, expect servers to be a little wonky in the near future, and for potential new bugs to pop up.