Among Us Color Stereotype Memes Emerge Online

Fan created Among Us Crewmate color stereotypes chart on Reddit
Fan created Among Us Crewmate color stereotypes chart on Reddit | InnerSloth LLC

One user on Reddit has taken to the popular online tool Tier Maker to create their own chart of Among Us' crewmate color stereotypes. This has become something of a common thread in the community with players identifying heavily with their chosen color and jumping on the bandwagon to confirm.

Fan Created Among Us Crewmate Color Stereotypes

In a post titled "I have stereotyped every crewmate color, thoughts?" on the Among Us subreddit board, user random_fellar detailed their thoughts on what each crewmate was like by the color of their suit. According to the chart:

  • Brown is the first to die.
  • Black is the detective of the group.
  • Red and Blue are always sus (suspicious).
  • Orange and Cyan are "button lovers" and are the first to call emergency meetings.
  • Pink is a feminine player.
  • Purple is a wildcard or unpredictable player.
  • White typically remains silent.
  • Yellow, Emerald, and Lime are the ones to group up first.

Others were quick to jump on the post and confirm their behavior from to random_fellar's chart. Replies of "As a [color], I can confirm" and "This is is very accurate" are the most common in the comments. There are some disagreements, however. One user replied, "Instructions unclear I die in 1st round with any colour."

Random_fellar, themselves, is a pink crewmate, according to their tag on the subreddit.