Among Us Impostor Guide: How to Sabotage Your Way to the Top

A guide to playing as the Impostor in Among Us.
A guide to playing as the Impostor in Among Us. / Photo by InnerSloth

Among Us Impostor Guide will help you sabotage and eliminate the Crewmates before they know what's going on. Here's how to win as the Impostor in Among Us.

Among Us Impostor Guide: How to Sabotage Your Way to the Top

What does the Impostor do? The Impostor's goal is to kill every other Crewmate before they complete their tasks without being discovered and voted out. You'll have to hide your intentions and plot crimes on the fly to win as the Impostor.

Impostor Basics

You have abilities as the Impostor the other Crewmates don't get: sabotage and kill. Sabotage makes problems that the crew must go fix and kill eliminates another player within range. The range and cool-down to kill can vary between games, depending on the host's settings. You can lock doors as part of sabotage.

You can also use vents to quickly move around the ship, though your cool-down doesn't count when you're in the vent.

The Impostor is given a list of fake tasks that can help gain the others' trust. The tasks for the Impostor do not trigger an animation when performed and may not always be available for the other players, so you can get outed if you're not careful.


A key component to playing the Impostor is to be confident. You have to play it cool, which goes a long way to diffuse situations where the others are catching on. The Impostor is a game of politics.

Always have an alibi and deflect the blame. When accused of doing something like locking the door, throw someone else under the bus and claim that you were trying to stop them. If you get caught doing a fake task, claim that whatever you've been doing was sabotaged. You don't want to incite aggression, or have the other players give you special attention.

When it comes time to kill, sabotage rooms on different sides of the ship. In general, you want to keep the party split up as much as possible. When you get someone alone, you can safely take them out if you have a vent to escape with.

If you pull off a kill without having a good escape route, you can report the body you just dispatched. It seems counter-intuitive, but the other players are less likely to pin it on you if you were the one to report it. Just make sure it was plausible for you to have discovered the body naturally.

There's no way to pick to play as the Impostor. You'll have to get lucky depending on the lobby's settings. If you're not the Impostor, this information won't be lost. The best way to defeat the Impostor is to know all of their tricks. Keep an eye out and watch your back.