Among Us Tips and Tricks: How to Become a Better Crewmate and Impostor on The Skeld

Photo by InnerSloth

Among Us tips and tricks are designed to make players better crewmates and impostors.

InnerSloth's take on the Mafia/Werewolf genre, Among Us, is one of the most popular games in the world thanks to a boom in popularity on Twitch via content creators. The game pits crewmates against impostors. Crewmates must either finish their tasks or discover both impostors, while impostors must sabotage or kill enough crewmates.

Here are some tips and tricks to becoming a better Among Us player on The Skeld. Keep in mind groups play with different rules, so these are general tips.

Among Us Tips and Tricks: How to Become a Better Crewmate and Impostor on The Skeld


Being a good crewmate is about getting your tasks done quickly, gathering information, and most importantly, not being a third impostor.

Depending on the number of tasks each game, usually a 2-1-4 split of short, common and long tasks, it's best to try and get certain tasks done quickly. For example, players should try and get Navigation tasks done as quickly as possible. They're quick to complete and that side of the map should only be visited again to prevent Oxygen sabotage.

Use caution when trying to get the Electric tasks done as multiple tasks spawn there. Sabotaging lights is a popular play and that room can be a death trap.

Always keep track of player movements and names. At minimum, players should know which colors run where at the start of rounds or where they were running to. Also, keep track of what tasks suspected impostors are "completing."


Sabotaging is vital on The Skeld. Regardless of the map, taking out the lights makes the game much easier for the bad guys. Skeld is a fan favorite, but it's also the most linear map. It's easy to deduce player movement.

A popular play is also picking up kills on one side of the map and then sabotaging on the opposite. Be wary of this though as some players might go snooping for some bodies rendering sabotages pointless.

Also know how the vents work on the map. Electric connects to Medical Bay and Security. Players can mask their locations by quickly moving between the top and bottom halves of the map. Additionally, be wary of killing people right at the start of the game. Player movements are unpredictable at the start and you don't want to be voted off simply because you were in the area.

At the end of the day, play styles will need to evolve based on the group you're playing with. Playing with friends means they might pick up on your tendencies as you play more. Make sure your habits aren't easy to read and you have alibis whenever necessary.