Among Us Update Adds New Roles and Cosmicubes

Emergency Meeting #33 - Roles & Cosmicubes - OUT NOW
Emergency Meeting #33 - Roles & Cosmicubes - OUT NOW / Innersloth

Inner Sloth dropped the newest Among Us update this month in an "Emergency Meeting" style livestream presentation.

The first of the new additions to version 2021.11.09 is new roles, which include both Crewmate and Imposter roles, such as the Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel and the previously announced Shapeshifter. More details on each role can be found below.

Among Us Update Adds New Roles and Cosmicubes

1. Scientist

No need to walk all the way back to Medbay, the Scientist role allows players to access the map's vitals mechanic from anywhere on the map. This role has to complete their tasks to recharge the portable vitals tablet.

2. Engineer

Just like the Imposters, the Engineer can use the vents to get around the map quicker. It also allows the player to catch venting Imposters in the act.

3. Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is the role given to the Crewmate that is killed first, giving that player the ability to shield their fellow Crewmates from danger.

4. Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter joins the Imposters by killing Crewmates and disguising themselves as others. Don't get too risky, though, the disguise only lasts for a limited amount of time.

These roles are able to be completely customized, which means players can change the probability of getting these roles and even add or remove individual abilities from them.

Customization and Cosmicubes

And new roles aren't the only things to be added... v2021.11.09 also comes with new customization options. Players can now have visor cosmetics, special name plates, new pets, hats and skins which can be unlocked through gameplay or bought directly through the store.

Included with the store, another big part of the update is the introduction of an unlockable items system: the Cosmicube.

Above is Inner Sloth's way of adding a progression system: the Cosmicube web, which holds unlockable cosmetics for players.
Pictured above is the Polus Cosmicube web of unlockable cosmetic items. / Photo by Inner Sloth

When playing the game, players will now unlock Beans, which can be used to redeem new cosmetics and some Cosmicubes.

If players have a Cosmicube enabled, they can also collect Pods through gameplay. Each Cosmicube will have different Pods associated with it's contents and Pods are non-transferrable between Cosmicubes.

Innersloth's Community Director, Victoria Tran, wrote, "Currency can always be stored for later, and we’ll be constantly releasing new items as we get more updates and partnerships in the future."

To find more on Among Us, readers can find the company's roadmap for the game here.