Among Us Zoom Backgrounds: How to Add

Among Us Zoom Background: How to tell your online classmates you're sus
Among Us Zoom Background: How to tell your online classmates you're sus / Reddit user u/KYZLR

Among Us Zoom background could be the best way to spice up your online meetings and classes this year.

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting multiple parts of the world, the need for online accessibility has never been higher. Zoom quickly rose to the top of the virtual group call market with one unique feature built in—the ability to change your video background. Users were quick to take advantage of this with backgrounds featuring different cities, landscapes, memes, and more.

Among Us Zoom backgrounds are the cherry on top for some.

Among Us Zoom Background

There are several ways to get an Among Us Zoom background. In fact, several users have already taken the liberty to create them. Sites like Reddit are full of options in posts on the Among Us subreddit board. Users may even find success ln Google--though proper credit should always be given to the artists.

If neither option looks appealing, users are always welcome to take and use their own screenshots of gameplay.

Users can change their Zoom background through the client settings panel. There should be an option titled "Virtual Background" which, upon selection, will bring up the option to upload an image from the platform files.

So, are you sus? Or are you just a crewmate trying to get by? Display you allegiance proudly.