Amouranth Says Alleged Abusive Husband Has Relinquished Control of Her Finances

Amouranth during her most recent Twitch stream.
Amouranth during her most recent Twitch stream. / Amouranth, screenshot by DBTLAP

Streamer and content creator Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa revealed Sunday both that she was married, and that she was in a relationship she described as abusive with her husband, and that he controlled her finances. The next day she told fans her husband was now "getting help" and that she had has regained access to her financial accounts.

During her stream Sunday, Amouranth broadcast several abusive phone calls and messages her husband had left for her. On Monday's broadcast, she said, "As for the husband situation, as some of you probably saw the other night he called me during a stream and I disappeared for like two hours. Then I finally unmuted about an hour and a half into the call, and I apologize if that was hard to watch for people, I didn't really know what else to do..."

Amouranth says that although she had tried in the past to play recordings of her husband back to him, he had always resisted. Sunday's stream was the first time he heard how he talks to her, and she says it helped him realize what he was doing was wrong.

"I think when he heard himself on that call it really sunk in how much of an asshole he really is.

"It's like, you never even realized, idiot?" she said.

Amouranth's husband abused her for years, she said Monday, but that the abuse would come and go. She had tried to enlist the help of police, but they had been reluctant to help unless she had been physically harmed.

Amouranth's husband is now "getting help," and she says she, too, is "seeking legal and emotional counsel." She has also regained access to her financial accounts.

Amouranth says the cameraman she worked with inflamed the situation over the weekend of TwitchCon (Oct. 7-9), making the conflict between her and her husband "more explosive than it needed to be" in an attempt to "create a scene." She also says he encouraged "people to show up at my door who I don't know, like what the fuck?" She has since ended her professional relationship with the cameraman.

It's unclear where Amouranth's career will head next, but for now she says she hopes to "take some time to process things, spend some time with my animals, feel like a human again."

"I don't know what I want yet," she said. "Right now I want to sleep."