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Animal Crossing Direct Announced, Brewster Confirmed

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Just when we thought all hope was lost, an Animal Crossing Direct has been announced for October.

During Nintendo's September Direct yesterday evening, fans were treated to a quick glimpse of what's to come in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Anyone who has been following the game even slightly will have noticed that, while the game has been a huge success, many fans have felt that the game has been lacking in some vital areas.

Unlike previous entries to the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons features noticeably fewer furniture sets, alongside a glaring absence of some of the game's well-loved NPCs. One feature that Animal Crossing fans have literally been begging for is the return of everyone's favourite pidgeon barista - Brewster. Thanks to the fleeting glimpse during the Nintendo Direct, we can finally say that Brewster, and his cafe, will be coming to Animal Crossing.

During the clip, a sign had been added to the museum leading to a new room labled "The Roost". Veteran fans will remember The Roost as the cafe which opperated out of the museum's basement in Animal Crossing: Wild World, which then became a store of its own in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Animal Crossing Direct Announced for October

It's unclear exactly how the cafe will function in New Horizons, but it's likely more information will be given during the Animal Crossing Direct. The dedicated showcase is currently scheduled to be broadcast in October, though a specific date hasn't yet been announced.

This new Direct will be showcasing all of the content that will be added to the game in the next free update, scheduled for November. Other than Brewster, we're not sure what else will be revealed during the event. Fans will undoubtably have their wishlists. For the time being, though, it seems that Nintendo is listening and are still fully committed to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.