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Animal Crossing February Bugs Explained

Animal Crossing February Bugs Explained
Animal Crossing February Bugs Explained / Photo Courtesy of "Mayor Mori" on Youtube

Animal Crossing February bugs are important to know, especially because some of them are set to leave the game when February ends. February added one bug to the available list, but unfortunately, after February three bugs are set to leave. All of this information is geared towards the Northern hemisphere, players in the Southern hemisphere should consult the Animal Crossing wiki list.

Animal Crossing February Bugs

Animal Crossing February bugs include a new and exciting beetle for players to catch. The tiger beetle is worth 1500 bells, is found on the ground, and is available all day. It is certainly not the most valuable bug available, but it does look nice. Compared to the terrifying tarantula, which is worth 8000 bells, it is far too scary to approach. While the tiger beetle is joining the roster of bugs, after February three bugs will be leaving.

The first to leave will be Raja Brooke’s birdwing. This green flying bug is worth 2500 bells and is available from 8 AM to 5 PM. The second to leave will be the Damselfly, a white and blue flying bug that is only worth 500 bells. However, it is available all day. The third and final bug set to leave after February is the dung beetle. Worth a hefty sum of 3000 bells, now that the dung beetle will no longer have snowballs to roll around it won’t be showing up anymore.

For players unable to play during February don’t fret, these bugs are on a yearly cycle and they will be back eventually. However, for those lacking patience, it is possible to change the time on one’s Nintendo Switch and play in any month.