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Animal Crossing February Fish Explained

Animal Crossing February Fish Explained
Animal Crossing February Fish Explained / Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing February fish are essential to know for players looking to fill out as much of their collection as possible. February is not a particularly exciting month for fish, but it is important to note that two fish will be leaving after February, making it incredibly important to catch these two as soon as possible.

Animal Crossing February Fish

Animal Crossing February fish that are set to leave are the Pond smelt and the Blowfish. The most important of the two is the blowfish, this one is tough to grab. The blowfish is only available from 9 PM to 4 AM, meaning that players will have to be playing fairly late at night to nab this beauty. The big appeal of the blowfish, besides adding to the collection, is that it is worth 5000 bells. Quite a hefty sum. Catching the blowfish will also require fishing in the sea as opposed to a river.

The other fish, the pond smelt, is available all day and is catchable in the river. Compared to the blowfish, the pond smelt is worth a measly 500 bells. Still, it is important to catch this fish before it leaves after February.

For a full list of available fish for the month of February, consult the list posted on the Animal Crossing wiki. Now that Animal Crossing has been out for almost an entire year, the game's cycle and rotations of fish have mostly been figured out. Going forward players can expect to have all the information they need to complete their collections and maximize bells. This is especially true for players willing to manipulate the clock to obtain the things they need.