Animal Crossing New Horizons Countdown: Counting Down the Days

Guess which game is on our horizon this upcoming month?
Guess which game is on our horizon this upcoming month? / Nintendo

Animal Crossing New Horizons countdown is on as fans are excited for the latest entry in the series.

The newest addition to Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise, New Horizons, is only a month away. Animal Crossing fans couldn't be more excited to experience their deserted island getaway package—courtesy of our old friend Tom Nook. There has been a lot of information released from Nintendo regarding the status, quality, look, and feel of this game already.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Countdown

Four weeks stand between eager Animal Crossing fans and their tropical vacation destination from Nook Inc. Much like other installments in this franchise, players will start off in a sparsely populated place and have to make their own living doing whatever they can. This has commonly included fishing, bug catching, fruit picking and fossil-finding in order to pay back the loan Tom Nook graciously extended to us.

Who else would be kind enough to offer a loan with a 0% interest rate and buy whatever your area's native fruit is to help you pay it back?

24 days isn't a long time to prepare. Fortunately, with everything we've seen from Nintendo, players have a rough idea of just where they should be starting. Nook has provided almost everything you would need to start your town off right. His general store—albeit by a different name—will remain the staple it was in previous games. Players will be able to find both types of water for fishing and can expect seasonal changes to the atmosphere depending on their real life location.

576 hours is a short time to wait for such unanimous control over your very own island. Players will have the opportunity to shape this island into their own domestic paradise. Actions such as marking land for various developments, paving roads, planting trees, and even planting your own roots will have consequences on how your home will turn out.

Hopefully, it'll be enough to impress your friends to come and visit.

In just 34,500 minutes the ability to completely customize your character will be yours. Nintendo has made strides to include almost every character customization option under the sun. It's been quite a while since the viking hats and mandatory beanies. Decisions such as skin color, eye color, hair style, clothing, and even shoes are now at your finger tips. You can truly choose how you want to look—fulfilling a long-standing request from fans.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases for the Nintendo Switch on Mar. 20. Let's make these next 200,000 seconds count.