Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ghost: Everything You Need to Know About Wisp

Genie of the "Empty" Lamp, Wisp
Genie of the "Empty" Lamp, Wisp / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horzions' ghost, Wisp, has a special task for players who manage to find him.

Your island has a resident ghost aboard! Wisp, the specter you remember from previous games, has decided to follow you to your brand new deserted island paradise. Every tropical location needs a bit of mystery, right? The best part is: now you don't have to wait for your town to grow into a total state of disrepair and ruin.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ghost: Everything You Need to Know About Wisp

Wisp is a ghost who resemble's Nintendo's ghastly playable character Boo from the Super Mario franchise. In previous games, he's worn various hats from a paper party hat to a turban with a feather. New Horizons has him back to his paper circlet with a single triangle pointing straight up in the middle. It's almost like a crown.

In New Horizons, players can encounter Wisp on their island past 10 pm. His appearance isn't guaranteed so it may take a few nights before you find him. Once found, you'll find there's nothing frightening about this ghost. In fact, you're the scary one, and you'll end up accidentally scaring him to literal pieces. Wisp will "explode" and then task the player with recovering his missing spirit pieces.

Once the pieces are recovered from all over the island, players can choose between "something new" and "something expensive" for their reward.


Wisp has taken on several iterations in previous games. The original title will only let him appear if the player has been negligent with their weeding. His quest remains the same and he can weed the player's town, change their roof, or gift them an item in return for their help. He didn't appear in Wild World, but in City Folk and onward he became a "lamp spirit." Players could find him by finding a genie's lamp item. In New Leaf, once the "Welcome Amiibo" update is downloaded, he gains the ability to turn into a scanned Amiibo.

Wisp is a Pisces. His birthday is Feb. 26. He is one of only four villagers who do no resemble an animal.