Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Academy: How Does it Work?

Earning a rank for your home! What can be more fun than being judged for your digital furniture
Earning a rank for your home! What can be more fun than being judged for your digital furniture / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Academy is one of the most highly debated aspects of the game.

For some, this service is a fun competitive design challenge. For others, however, it remains a nonsensical point of judgement. We just like the furniture we like, okay? Why are we automatically registered into a service that rates our homes based on our design preference? What if we just aren't good at Feng Shui?

Just let us have our mismatched sets in peace!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Academy

The Happy Home Academy (HHA) has been around since the very first installment of the game. Though players may not see them, they are always around, always watching always judging from the shadows. They come around every so often to pass on a score to the player.

The primary function of the HHA is to rate the interior design of your home and assign you a score based on your interior choices. Fortunately, there is a method to their madness. Points can be assigned as long as you follow the rules.

One of the cardinal rules of the HHA is to adhere to matching series. There are various furniture series available in-game alongside their matching wallpaper and flooring. Collecting all 11 pieces of a series will net the player 10,000 points. Matching these with their wallpaper and flooring gives 20,000 and 30,000 points, respectively.

Happy Home Academy ACNH

Furniture sets are much smaller collections of matching pieces, but will give a similar effect if matched, as well.

Placing seasonal items can also boost the player's score if displayed during the current corresponding season.

Another rule would be feng shui. This may actually be of some benefit to the player as the feng shui in their home often tangibly impacts their world. For example, keeping red items against the right (eastern) wall will make it easier or them to stumble upon furniture and clothing. Placing gold items on the left (western) wall attracts bells. Finally, putting green items on the southern wall will make the player generally lucky.

The HHA will occasionally have other themed challenges for the player to complete such as "rustic," "trendy," and "sci-fi." These need to be completed before the next judgement period.

Earning a high rating through the HHA can give the player a multitude of prizes such as an HHA blazer and various plaques to display their superior skill. Some of these prizes may even affect the exterior of the player's home, as well, giving a golden roof and significant changes to the mailbox or other parts.

One interesting thing about the HHA is that they'll never rate your basement. Strange, considering they like to poke their noses into every other aspect of your space. Perhaps, one day, a representative saw something that they couldn't unsee...