Animal Crossing New Horizons House Upgrades: Every Upgrade Available

Animal Crossing: New Horizons house upgrades will run you over 3 million bells.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons house upgrades will run you over 3 million bells. / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons House Upgrades can keep your house looking stylish while giving you more space to put your furniture.

From a tiny tent to a giant two-story mansion, Animal Crossing gives its player base something most players admit they could only dream of: home ownership. With each passing upgrade, your humble abode will grow into the luxurious mansion you always dreamed of.

Here's a list of all the upgrades you can get for your home.

Animal Crossing New Horizons House Upgrades

It should be noted that with each upgrade, Nook will ask you what color roof you want. You can always change this color between upgrades or via customization.

Your first debt comes in the form of Nook Miles. Tom Nook, shocked you brought no money with you to a completely deserted island, lets you pay off your initial debt by doing chores for him instead.

Your first official house upgrade comes at the cost of 98,000 bells. With this upgrade, you go from tent to six-by-six square house with 80 slots of storage.

Your second upgrade and all others following come at the cost of 198,000 bells. All it really does is expand your grid to eight-by-eight and give you 40 more storage slots for a total of 120.

Your third upgrade costs 348,000 bells and gives you a back room that measures six-by-six. You get an additional storage upgrade to make your total storage slots 240.

Your fourth upgrade will add a side room on the left for 548,000 bells. You now have a total of 360 slots of storage and can being outer customization starting with your roof and mailbox. Each customization will cost 5,000 bells.

Your fifth upgrade is for the side room on the right. It will run you 758,000 bells and give you not only another 40 slots for a total of 400 storage slots, but also the ability to customize your door.

Your sixth upgrade adds a whole ten-by-ten second floor for 1,248,000 bells. You also get 400 more slots for a total of 800 slots of storage space and the chance to customize your house's siding.

Your seventh and final upgrade will get you a ten-by-ten basement for 2,498,000 bells. You now have 1600 slots of storage space and, after paying off this loan, you can now make one full customization of your house for free every day.