Animal Crossing: New Horizons Leaks Hint at Brewster's Return

Animal Crossing: New Horizons leaks are here
Animal Crossing: New Horizons leaks are here / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons leaks have fans excited for what's to come in the popular Nintendo title.

Thanks to data miners, we know about a whole new set of Animal Crossing content waiting in the wings. Players have discovered shocking new developments such as a new part of the crafting system, farming, the return of some fan favorite characters and much, much more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Leaks

Brewster is Back

Everyone's favorite coffee-loving pigeon is making a return to New Horizons. According to the leaks, Brewster may be getting his own stand-alone cafe for the player to place on their island. Longtime fans have been anxiously awaiting his arrival since the game's launch and, ultimately, the possibly of having him back is being met positively.

Gyroid Museum Wing

New players may not remember gyroids, but those who played Wild World and beyond will know them as the strange musical creatures that spawned randomly in town. They were a fun collector's mechanic when the franchise began and now, most likely due to player hype, Nintendo is set to give them their own museum wing. Players can boast about they gyroid collection with pride.

Swimming and Diving

Similar to New Leaf, a swimming or diving mechanic may be implemented. Diving was the only way to get special underwater fauna such as starfish. It's likely that, with the return of water exploration, we'll be greeted with even more fish to find.

Seafood, Farming, and Cooking

In the same vein as above, those fish may be key ingredients in the newest part of crafting: cooking. Apparently, Nintendo is looking to let players craft their own meals a la Breath of the Wild with gathered protein and harvested vegetables. Players may soon find themselves scrambling to place down plots for carrots, potatoes, and other foods. You'll have a regular farmstead on your hands.

Nook's Cranny Upgrade and Construction

Nook's Cranny is getting another upgrade—though this is yet another unsurprising piece of information for Animal Crossing veterans. Nook's Cranny tends to go through several upgrades as the game progresses.

Additionally, other stand alone construction projects may soon be available—including a souvenir shop, permanent residences for special vendors, and even a real estate sales mechanic to earn bells from your villagers.