Animal Crossing: New Horizons NookPhone: Everything You Need to Know

Tom Nook's NookPhone homescreen
Tom Nook's NookPhone homescreen / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons NookPhone is the most important item your character will have on them when they step foot on their deserted island. It has a handful of apps to help you start your adventure and manage everything you can use on your little plot of paradise.

The biggest question on players' minds is about the apps. Just how many are there? What do they do? Will we get more? Fortunately, with only 11 days left until flights begin departing for their uncharted island getaways, Tom Nook, himself, has taken to Twitter to talk to fans about what their phones will offer. Yes, yes!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons NookPhone: Everything You Need to Know

The NookPhone works just like any other smartphone⁠—it has apps. It's the first thing given to you by Tom Nook after you set up your tent. Apparently, he made them especially for island residents to keep on their person. Each player starts out with six apps designed to help tackle some of the issues they'll encounter living on their island.

The top left app is, quite obviously, a camera. This is most likely for screenshots and taking fun photos of you and your friends during your adventures. You can never take too many selfies with your favorite villager, we suppose. It has a zoom feature, lets players pick emotes to use during photos, and even has filters.

The next app in that row will help manage your Nook Miles⁠—which are the stand-in for a secondary special currency. This app tracks achievements which can be used to earn Nook Miles. These points can be turned in for rewards like extra crafting recipes, items, and certain services around the island.

The top right app deals with design and all the fun that comes with it. Players can use that app to create fun designs and put them on just about everything under the sun.

The bottom left app is the map. This may seem strange, but we recommend taking a screenshot of your map when you load in for the first time. Over time, your island will change, so it may be interesting for you to compare a bit down the road just how much things have shifted,

The bottom middle app is your passport. All players will have a passport for the purpose of traveling about to other islands. You can change your player photo, self-set comment, and title at any time. Your comment will be set by typing and your title will be selected by mixing and matching options presented to you.

The final app is most likely a travelling app. It could help you may your way around the island or make your way to other islands to hang out.

We can assume there will be more apps with all the space still left on your phone home screen. Other seen apps include a crafting app which keeps track of the player's recipes and items they can craft.