Animal Crossing New Horizons Pre-Order Bonuses

19 more days left until pictures like these completely take over my Switch screenshot gallery.
19 more days left until pictures like these completely take over my Switch screenshot gallery. / Nintendo

Animal Crossing New Horizons pre-order bonuses are must-haves for fans of the franchise.

There are only 19 days standing between Animal Crossing fans and their pre-order purchase of New Horizons. Nintendo's latest installment in its beloved town-building franchise has received major praise in recent weeks for everything from the graphics to the customization. Now that the initial awe is wearing off, it's time to figure out where to get a copy.

Nobody wants to miss their flight on Dodo Airlines.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pre-Order Bonuses

There isn't a single broad bonus for pre-ordering New Horizons for your Switch—aside from the satisfaction of being among the first to play, that is. Instead, pre-order prizes are available through the retailer you purchase your copy from.

All standard copies, alone, cost around $60 to pre-order at the time of writing.

Target was offering a themed journal and calendar when it opened for pre-orders, but has since sold out completely. Even the game, itself, is out of stock. It's possible these may restock closer to launch. There might be new items available, as well.

Walmart had Tom Nook tote bags available with its pre-orders. These are no longer available, but the retailer has announced it will have a special $50 price tag for copies bought in-store on release day. Whether individuals think its worth it to risk heading down the store for this deal is up to their discretion.

Best Buy was offering a Tom Nook sticker for your phone, tablet, or computer. That has since sold out, as well, but they now are bundling an Animal Crossing Bells bag with pre-ordered copies for a bit extra. Talk about getting a bit extra bang for your bell.

GameStop has a double-sided New Horizons poster for those who place pre-orders with them.

Amazon has no pre-order bonuses available. However, it's incredibly likely these won't sell out any time soon.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases Mar. 20.