Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shiny Spot: What is it?

Don't ask how long this image took to make
Don't ask how long this image took to make / Nintendo, edited by Jack

Animal Crossing: New Horizons shiny spot has been perplexing players since the game's official release four days ago.

Players have been reporting the appearance of a shiny spot on the ground in various locations all over their islands. This was quite the mystery at first. Much like previous games, players didn't have access to all their tools right away, so some folks were unable to truly explore just what this phenomenon means.

For those who are fully tooled and ready to go, here's our insider tip: use your shovel.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shiny Spot: What is it?

The shiny spot on the ground looks just as you would imagine it to. It's a small circular light with streaks of glowing yellow shooting up from it. It makes no noise, but its very noticeable no matter what time of day it is.

The proper way to access the shiny spot is to dig it up. Simply get out your shovel and have at it for the best reward players can think of: a whole bag of bells. The amount is usually in the thousands and the most common value is exactly 1000 bells.

Once you dig them up, make sure you separate some of those bells and replant them. Any amount will do. You're effectively planting them in the ground and creating a sapling that will turn into a money tree. The amount you bury will be the amount you reap come harvest time up to 10000. Money trees will only give bells once.

This method is typically much easier than hunting for the famous "money rock" that gives a plethora of bells depending on how many times you can hit it consecutively with your shovel.

Remember that all tools will break in Animal Crossing, so be prepared if you plan to follow either of these shovel-based bell earning options.