Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate Gift Guide

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Gifts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a crucial part of befriending villagers on your island.

The highest level of friendship with villagers can be obtained through becoming best friends with them. The Nook Miles app describes this friendship level as “true friends,” and each “true friend” relationship with a villager will accumulate towards a Nook Miles milestone and a villager’s portrait.

Friendship points are tracked by a hidden score, begins at 0 and is completed at 255. Each villager moves into your island with 25 friendship points, and if their points lowers to zero, they will begin asking about leaving your island. Offering gifts and working on missions for your villagers are the main methods for maximizing friendship points. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, however, makes this aspect of gaining these prizes more complex than players realize.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate Gift Guide

Here’s a list of gifts that can earn you points:

  • Garbage will lower your friendship status by two points.
  • Flowers, insects, tools, music, umbrellas, and certain clothing that villagers favor will result in an additional two points.
  • Furniture will result in three points.
  • Clothing that is not favored by villagers will result in one point.
  • Wrapped gifts will help you gain an additional one point.

The best method for achieving a “true friend” status is to cover furniture in wrapping paper and give it to your villagers. Offering villagers wrapped furniture will result in four points. 

For gifting clothing, however, each villager has specific tastes. 

Whether it’s a certain color or style, Nook Plaza offers an intensive guide for villagers’ clothing gifts. Gifting preferred clothing to your villagers will maximize points and help you achieve “true friends” at a faster pace. Select the “villager gift” tab on Nook Plaza and search for a villager’s particular tastes in clothes. 

After discovering clothes for your villagers, an additional gift wrapping will help you gain three points. When reaching the highest level of friendship, villagers will give you their self-portrait. These photographs can be placed on furniture or hanged on the walls of your home. 

Players can also select the photograph and read a quote from their villager. The frame that surrounds the photo is customizable.