Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Adds Cheese Rolling, But Not Much Else

"Mayday" is right, according to some Animal Crossing fans.
"Mayday" is right, according to some Animal Crossing fans. / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players aren't exactly thrilled with the latest free update from Nintendo.

The company announced the drop via the official Animal Crossing Twitter account early on Monday, April 26. According to the tweet, players will see their islands turn around to the spring season once more with the return of events such as Wedding Season, Museum Day stamps, and the May Day maze island alongside new decorations. The content is supposed to go live on Wednesday, April 28.

Unfortunately for them, the news wasn't exactly well received.

Animal Crossing Fans Aren't Thrilled with New Horizons Update

Fans flooded the replies to the announcement tweet voicing their dismay and disappointment. The return of springtime marks a full year since the game's launch—making its "soulless" experience and lackluster gameplay feel like a real gut-punch to some. What's worse: several clocked the free update as exactly the same content previously uploaded at New Horizon's release.

"There are no words to describe the confusion I face trying to comprehend how you managed to drop the ball on one of your most successful games of all time," wrote @ConnorEatsPants.

Twitter user @fiishyo replied, "im actually upset over this i was so excited for this game but new leaf is just so much better."

"This is the biggest let down yet," user @xMichaelWood wrote, "After 1500 hours........ I think I’m done. Was hoping for the 2.0 update with some crazy things. This just let me down so bad it actually hurts."

Among the replies was a single thread players continued to revisit over and over again: the comparison between New Horizons and its main predecessor, New Leaf. Several stated they missed New Leaf and the sheer amount of captivating content it held. Some even announced that they had abandoned New Horizons entirely to return to their New Leaf towns.

"literally i just want a remastered new leaf with new horizons graphics. i miss [the] villager interactions, tortimer island, [KAPP'N], BREWSTER, nook shop upgrades, all the furniture sets, dream suite! EVERYTHING WE DONT HAVE IN NH," @crowmom900 wrote.

@Dragonogon agreed, "The more i think about animal crossing new horizons the more disappointed i get with it. New leaf was the better game by far...New leaf ported to switch with every good new thing new horizons brought to the table would've been less disappointing."

Well, at least the memes are good.

Nintendo hasn't made any statements regarding player upset at the time of writing. More information about the update for those interested can be found on Nintendo's website.