Animal Crossing Servers Down: How to Know if the Servers Are Down

Animal Crossing has a new Earth Day update on the way.
Animal Crossing has a new Earth Day update on the way. / Courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing servers going down are important to know if you're eager to play the game at a time you can't. The servers went down for one hour Wednesday night, which meant no online play with friends, no NookLink app for iOs and Android users, and even no in-game mail. The only multiplayer that was still available was local.

From approximately 9:00 to 9:41 p.m. ET, the Animal Crossing servers were down. The cause of the server downtime was likely the new Earth Day event. So what can you do to see if and why the servers are down in the future?

How to Find Out About Future Server Downtime?

Server maintenance and status information can be found on the Nintendo website along with a schedule of future maintenance. For right now there is no future maintenance planned, but it's important to look out for as the game updates and time goes on.

Another way to hear about server maintenance is through your Nintendo Switch, which will sometimes warn you about downtime that's coming soon.

Server downtime is an unfortunate part about large-scale in-game updates, but the updates are usually worth the wait.