Animal Crossing Statue Guide

Animal Crossing Statue guide can be helpful for those players who just can't seem to outsmart Jolly Redd.
Animal Crossing Statue guide can be helpful for those players who just can't seem to outsmart Jolly Redd. / Nintendo

Animal Crossing statue guide can be helpful for those players who just can't seem to outsmart Jolly Redd.

Jolly Redd and his boat, the Treasure Trawler, have been surfing the high seas to bring the best deals right to your island—according to him, anyway. Players will find a variety of items aboard his home such as furniture, wall hangings, and even some fine art pieces. Veteran fans will know, however, that Redd is best known for giving some raw deals.

Here's how you can know what you're buying is genuine.

Animal Crossing Statue Guide

Below are a list of all the statues available in the game and their marked differences. Any statue found to have the defects outlined are fakes and will not be accepted in the Fine Art wing of the island museum.

Warrior Statue

The Warrior Statue, also known as the Terracotta Warrior, is one of several clay warriors made to protect the tomb of an ancient Chinese emperor. The fake version of this statue will be holding a shovel. Authentic versions hold nothing.

Motherly Statue

Many in the real world will know the Motherly Statue as the Captoline Wolf, depicting the she-wolf who nursed the Roman Empire founders Romulus and Remus. Fake versions will have the wolf's tongue lolling out of her mouth.

Beautiful Statue

This is a reproduction of the Venus De Milo by Alexandros of Antioch. False versions will have jewelry around Aphrodite's neck.

Familiar Statue

The Familiar Statue is also known as The Thinker by Auguste Rodin in the real world. This statue is always genuine.

Robust Statue

This statue is known as the Discobulus in the real world, depicting an ancient athelete throwing a disc. Fake versions will have the man wearing a watch on his right wrist.

Gallant Statue

The Gallant Statue is a reproduction of Michelangelo's famous David sculpture. Fakes will have him carrying a book under his right arm.

Informative Statue

Also known as the Rosetta stone, this statue was inscribed with three languages and significantly boosted the translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. False versions will be a bright blue. The true statue is black.

Rock-head Statue

This statue's name is quite literal. In the real world, it is known as the Olmec Colossal, and is simply a sculpted head. Genuine versions do not bear a smile.

Ancient Statue

The Ancient Statue is a reproduction of the Jōmon Era "Dogū" Figurine, Shakōki-dogū, or "goggley-eyed dogū." True versions do not have antennae nor do they bear blue markings.

Tremendous Statue

This is also known as the Houmuwu chest. False versions bear a similarly-sculpted crest on the top lid. The real version's top is flat and barren, save for the handles on either side.

Valiant Statue

Known in the real world as a statue depicting Nike of Samothrace, it is best known for its missing head. False versions will have the wrong leg placed forward. The statue should be stepping with its right foot.

Mystic Statue

This statue is the Bust of Neferititi by the ancient Egyptian artisan Thutmose. Fake versions will give the queen a dangling earring in her right ear.

Great Statue

The Great Statue depicts the first king and founder of the Kingdom of Hawai'i, King Kamehameha I by Thomas Ridgeway Gould. This piece will always be genuine.