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Animal Crossing Update 2.0.4 Explained

Photo by Nintendo/Twitter

Nintendo is releasing updates for Animal Crossing after some players experienced some weird glitches.

After the release of the Happy Home Paradise DLC, players experienced a glitch where their villagers appeared naked.

On top of this update, Nintendo is launching items for the winter solstice and other holiday-themed DIYs, in spirit of the coming holidays.

Animal Crossing Update 2.0.4 Explained

In the 2.0.4 update, Nintendo has fixed the "ladder set-up kit" to fix the disappearing after the game is saved. Specifically, players placed the ladder set-up kit on the diagonal cliff on the third level of a cliff.

Another fix helped an issue where "maple-leaf rug" and "frozen floor tiles" were not displayed in the "Seasonal Recipes."

In addition to the 'naked villager' fix in the DLC, Nintendo has also fixed an issue in the "Showroom", where "uploading player’s facilities after visiting another player’s facilities resulted in members of player’s facilities appearing as island residents that visited the facilities," according to the official Nintendo support page.

The Animal Crossing Update 2.0.4 released on Dec. 15.