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Animalistic Warzone Blueprint Bundle Explained

Photo Courtesy of Activision

New Bundles have been added to the CoD store in Call of Duty: Warzone Season one. One of the newest additions is the Animalistic Blueprint bundle, which features new cosmetics as well as skins for the Volk assault rifle, 1911 pistol, and MP-40

Here's everything you need to know about getting the Animalistic Blueprint Bundle in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Animalistic Warzone Blueprint Bundle Explained

Candelabra Blueprint
Candelabra Blueprint / Photo Courtesy of Activision
Metal Etched Pistol
Metal Etched Pistol / Photo Courtesy of Activision

What's in the Animalistic Blueprint Bundle

The Animalistic Blueprint Bundle features three weapon blueprints, a sticker, charm, calling card, and emblem. Here are the new cosmetics you get out of the bundle:

  • Aquatint Blueprint: MP-40
  • Candelabra: Volk assault rifle
  • Metal Etched: 1911 pistol
  • Elite Shot sticker
  • Lion's Horn charm
  • Camouflaged calling card
  • Wormhunter emblem

The 1911 pistol features a blue-green etched metal barrel, with a wooden handle and recoil booster muzzle. The Candelabra Volk also features a bright blue-green frame with metallic work on the barrel and exterior, and the Aquatint has the same with a bright wood stock.

How Much is the Animalistic Blueprint Bundle?

Aquatint Blueprint
Aquatint Blueprint / Photo Courtesy of Activision

The Animalistic Blueprint Bundle costs 1400 CoD points to purchase. The bundle is now live in the CoD store. The skins look solid, with the blue-green tint's on each weapon standing out compared to other skins you have in your armory.