Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks

Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks will help you get started with this elegant city building simulator.

Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks: Use Blueprints

The use of blueprints is new to the Anno series. It allows the player to place silhouetted "blueprint" buildings without immediately spending the resources to construct the building. This allows players to plan the layout of their city even if they don't have enough resources now to construct all of the buildings. Once all of the resources are acquired, simply click on the blueprint to start building.

Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks: Make Your City a Hotspot

How attractive a city is is also a new addition to Anno. Tourists will come visit cities that they find attractive; thus, they will bring more income to the city. The NPC tourists consider things such as natural land, local festivals, and other decorations as beautiful. On the other hand, pollution, riots, and heavy industry will repel potential visitors. Players will need to strike a balance between the beauty of their city and the necessary industry to keep the city operating.

Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks: Expand Slowly But Surely

Finally, don't be in a hurry to upgrade citizen tiers because there is money to be made at each level. Also make sure to interact with the AI as they will have challenges or trade routes to offer you. Build roads and explore other islands to find new sources of materials to best expand your city.

Anno 1800 may not be available on Steam anymore, but it can still be purchased from the Ubisoft online store for $59.99. Make sure your PC has the right system requirements before purchasing too.

Photo courtesy of Blue Byte and Ubisoft