Anthem refund for the PS4 has been rumored for a while. Sony is reportedly offering refunds for digital copies of Anthem that were purchased on the PlayStation Store.

Anthem Refund PS4

Anthem's launch suffered a number of various problems. The game would crash repeatedly, run poorly, and in a few circumstances, outright bricked and disabled entire PlayStation consoles. It seems now that Sony is attempting to right this wrong.

Sony is reportedly offering refunds to users that purchased Anthem digitally from the PlayStation Store. Players have reported that they've had success refunding the game through both the PlayStation Support website and their Support hotline,  1-800-345-SONY (7669).

It's unclear at the moment what exactly has caused Sony to offer these refunds at this time, but it could be linked to the reported bricking of Playstation 4 systems when trying to play Anthem.

Cover Photo courtesy of Bioware