Anthony Gonzalez in Far Cry: Coco Star Will be in Far Cry 6

Anthony Gonzalez in Far Cry 6
Anthony Gonzalez in Far Cry 6 / Ubisoft

Anthony Gonzalez has joined the cast of the newest installment into the Far Cry series.

Gonzalez, who previously starred as Miguel in Pixar's 2007 film "Coco," is now making his mark in Far Cry 6 as Diego, son of primary antagonist President Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito). President Castillo has an iron-fisted control over the Caribbean island nation of Yara with a constant promise to "return to its former glory." The player is tasked with taking on Castillo's regime, stepping directly into the "revolutionary tension" that has gripped the island to fight for its future.

Anthony Gonzalez in Far Cry 6

Diego is positioned in the middle of the proverbial battlefield. As the president's son, he is being groomed and trained to succeed Castillo when the latter finally steps down from power. It's seemingly Diego's destiny to continue his father's regime long after he's gone while it quickly becomes your destiny to be sure the regime ends once and for all.

To this end, some fans are speculating that young Diego may have already made an appearance in Far Cy 3 as the featured antagonist Vaas—though the primary evidence for this is a similar scar placement and throwaway quote from the older voice actor Micheal Mando. Many believe that your actions in Far Cry 6 will shape Diego into Vaas and that we may just get a cameo from the latter at the end of the game.