Apex Expert Identifies "Overpowered" Gun for Hardcore Royale

Respawn Entertainment, via The Gaming Merchant

Apex Legends' Hardcore Royale, the game's answer to Call of Duty's hardcore mode, launched alongside the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. Despite the mode set to challenge even the toughest players, one Apex expert has picked out a gun that could dominate the matches.

Hardcore Royale is a bit of a double-edged sword. Your opponents only have a white shield and no helmets meaning they're easier to take down, but so are you. Players need to move quick and stay vigilant in order to take opponents out fast while receiving as little damage as possible.

The mode has only been available for a hot minute, but players have already been scrambling to nail down their tactics. Apex Legends expert The Gaming Merchant thinks they've identified an "overpowered" weapon that'll give the biggest advantage in the new mode.

The Gaming Merchant Picks "Overpowered" Gun for Hardcore Royale

Though Hardcore Royale leaves players with very limited defenses, it's hard to dish out one-shot kills. Most players will still survive a few bullet rounds here and there. But, without helmets, all players are far more susceptible to headshots.

In fact, there are a few guns capable of taking down a player with a single headshot. According to The Gaming Merchant, the best gun to go with in this case is the Sentinel.

With an accurate shot to the head, the Sentinel deals base damage of 176. Enough to eliminate a player in one go. You'll need to be accurate, and it's likely most players will miss more shots than they hit in Hardcore Royale. But, perfect your tactic, and you could easily be cleaning up the match.

If the Sentinel isn't your style, The Gaming Merchant says that both the Wingman and Longbow are excellent options, too.

So, if you're confident in your sniper skills give the Sentinel a go the next time you hit Hardcore Royale.