Apex Hackers Learn How to 'Kidnap' Players From Their Matches

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are being terrorized by hackers, who have found a way to kidnap unsuspecting gamers from their matches. Hacking ruins the experience in every game, and unfortunately, Apex is no exception.

This hacking phenomenon was shown firsthand when camms, a popular Twitch streamer, was playing a regular game of Apex Legends. While playing on the map StormPoint, she was suddenly taken to a loading screen and then spawned into Firing Range.

This sudden transition was strange for multiple reasons, but the main one being that camms never manually exited the game she was playing in, nor did she ever attempt to load into Firing Range

Once she loaded into Firing Range, she was greeted by a player running away and the message "owned" in the game chat.

Hacking is no joke, especially in battle royales. Games such as Warzone were plagued by cheaters for years, but nothing has come close to the absurdity of kidnapping players in game.

As of now, this is a very rare occurrence and no information on how the hacker was able to accomplish this feat, but if it goes unpatched it could lead to serious issues down the line.

Hopefully since the clip went viral (it is currently sitting at 274,000 views) Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment will be looking into the issue to prevent it from happening again in the future.