Apex Legend Crypto Receives Fan-Made Rework

Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Since his initial release, Crypto has consistently been one of the least popular characters in Apex Legends. Despite having an interesting hacker design, Crypto is seen as weak in the current meta and fairly disengaged from fights as a result of his control over his drone.

In attempts to improve Crypto's design, some fans have gone to lengths detailing changes they want to be seen implemented in Apex Legends to give Apex's resident hacker some love. One such player is Reddit user AstronomerSenior 4236 who created an entire overhaul of the character filled with graphics and concept art.

The first major change proposed would come to his passive, which would now let him know how many teams are in the surrounding area just by aiming down sights. This would hopefully make Crypto safer as he can disengage from fights to use his drone without being unaware of his surroundings.

The biggest gameplay redesign proposed is to make Crypto's surveillance drone have the ability to interact with Materials Harvesters remotely. This way Crypto is able to benefit his team even if it isn't directly through team fights.

Finally, the new Crypto ultimate ability redesigns his EMP ability to work even when the drone is destroyed by allowing the EMP blast to focus on him whever the drone is inactive. This would greatly increase the versatility of Crypto's kit and give him a last ditch effort to stave of pressure situations without his drone.