Apex Legend Player Finds Perfect Spot to Hide on Olympus

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Another day and another area on the Olympus map has fully been explored, giving players another spot to hide. The other day, we found out about a rooftop you can use to your advantage. On Thursday, we find a little hideaway that you can use to heal up and go completely unnoticed.

In order to reach this spot, you will have to know the map like the back of your hand, however, even as only a week or so has passed since the release of Olympus, people are finding their way around with incredible ease.

The location of the mini-cave is near Research Basin, when you hop off the top of the cliff face north of Hammond Labs. The area is up high so don't drop down far off the cliff, and face right. The area surrounding this spot is typically filled with action, so using this spot could be helpful to refill your health. We've seen hiding places like this before in prior seasons, so this isn't out of the ordinary.

You can view the video here in order to see how to get there.

Also, know that you can use this spot to your advantage offensively. If you're playing as Gibraltar, Bangalore or any other Legend that has an aerial attack, you can easily pop out of the whole, toss your Ultimate, and retreat back to the cave.

It's uncertain if Respawn will eliminate the hiding place considering there have been these hideaways found before. However, I'd use it to your advantage while you still can.