Apex Legends

Apex Legend Trick Allows Moving Heat Shield

Photo Courtesy of @alphaintel on Twitter

Players in multiplayer video games are always coming up with new exploits or tricks. Apex Legends is no different in that.

These exploits, although they might be strange, can help save your team or can cause your defeat. One new exploit in Apex Legends has emerged regarding the heat shield.

Typically, the heat shield is used to either revive teammates or heal while you are still in the storm. But this new exploit has shown how you can use a moving heat shield. But how can the heat shield move? Can't it only be placed where it is thrown?

Well in a Reddit post by u/adamazing, he can be seen tossing a heat shield on a cargo bot. That's right, the things you normally shoot down for the chance at better loot. Instead, the heat shield sticks to it and starts to move with the bot.

Of course, this is an extremely situational trick. The cargo bot has to be traveling towards the zone and you must have a perfect throw on to the bot. But nonetheless, this trick may be what saves your team from being eliminated by the zone.

This is now the second way that you can utilize a moving heat shield. You can place a heat shield on a trident and then drive around fully protected until the shield is destroyed. But if there isn't a trident around and there is a cargo bot, this is the perfect trick for you.