Apex Legends 1.90 Update: Full March 1 Patch Notes Detailed

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A new patch has been deployed for Apex Legends. Here's everything included in the 1.90 update.

Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment announced that they had put out a quick patch to address some lingering issues in Apex Legends. While patches are always a welcome sight in any video game, this one is particularly small though it addresses some important issues.

Below, we've detailed everything that has been included in this latest patch.

Apex Legends 1.90 Update: Full March 1 Patch Notes Detailed

The 1.90 update addresses the following:

  • Additional console performance improvements, including Gen4 FPS drops
  • Fixes for various client crashes and errors

As you can see, there's not much going on this time around, but fixes to client crashes will no doubt reduce stress for a number of players. Console players haven't been ignored, either, with much needed performance improvements hitting the game too.

That's it for this latest patch. No doubt Respawn are hard at work putting together the next round of fixes.

In other news, players have been busy finding yet more glitches and exploits to use on the field. The latest comes from a YouTuber who's found a new speed glitch that seemingly works for every Legend.