Apex Legends Aim Assist Disabled for Sights 6x and Higher

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers, Respawn Entertainment, have disabled aim assist sight of 6x and higher. And the overall reaction towards this change is rather split. With Apex Legends having a massive player base that encompasses console, controller, and PC players, the aim assist helps but also hinders many players. But this may only apply to a specific niche of people within the Apex community considering that not many players may go over sight 6x.

Apex Legends Players Opinion on Disabled Aim Assist 6x and Higher

Depending on who is contributing to the conversation, the Apex player is not defined by one characteristic, instead, because of its broad outreach towards a multitude of different kinds of players who are either using a controller or keyboard, the disabled aim assist of 6x and higher has impacted both groups in their own way.

As Reddit user, name-already-taken-1 states, “With long-range, you usually have to lead shots so aim assist locking onto the target would be detrimental.” Emphasizing that disabling the aim assist would create a balanced playing field, making players unable to simply snipe-shot another player from a long distance with the assistance of locking onto a target.

But using aim assist may not create a balanced game since the mechanics of using a controller versus using a mouse have its differences, especially in the way they both function for the purposes of the game, and so because of these differences, one would need the aim assist more than the other. Of course, this new change has only happened recently, so it's hard to tell how impactful it will contribute to the overall Apex community, as many players have admitted that they don’t normally go above sight 4x.