Apex Legends Animated Short Reveals Wraith's Name and Origin Story

Apex Legends animated short Voidwalker released Monday dives into Wraith's backstory
Apex Legends animated short Voidwalker released Monday dives into Wraith's backstory /

The second Apex Legends animated short debuted Monday, revealing Wraith's name and origin story ahead of the Voidwalker Event.

The short begins as Wraith — in the Voidwalker outfit — infiltrates the facility in which she was experimented on hoping to exact revenge Amer Singh, the project's lead scientist. In the file on her, we learn her real name to be Renee Blasey.

Wraith discovers Singh listed as dead just before soldiers storm the room as they torch the entire facility. Wraith uses her portal ability to escape, but stops short when she sees herself in another timeline still being cruelly experimented upon.

Voidwalker Wraith steps into the alternate timeline to save her more timid self. The two attempt to flee the facility, fighting off guards as Voidwalker Wraith teaches the other how to protect herself and listen to the voices in her head. Those voices, it's revealed, are Wraiths from other timelines giving guidance.

Before they can make good their escape, Voidwalker Wraith sees Amer Singh still alive in this timeline. She takes a bullet failing to get revenge, forcing the timid Wraith to take her teleporter and escape without her. Once through the portal, timid Wraith tells Voidwalker Wraith how to win the fight, and the two part ways understanding that timid Wraith wants to reclaim her identity rather than seek revenge.

The short ends as the timid Wraith exits the facility and finds herself in King's Canyon, with the Apex Legends arena currently under construction.

The Voidwalker Event is scheduled to begin Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts