Apex Legends Arena Bug Allows Wraith to Use Her Teleport Before Round Starts

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends arena bug has been discovered and it allows Wraith a rather advantageous position. As with most bugs, a certain situation has to happen for this glitch to work. But if the round ends while a Wraith portal is still active, the portal stays around.

And for those that play arena, they know exactly what that means.

Players are stuck behind a wall before the round starts. This gives players time to strategize and buy new weapons and abilities for the upcoming round. But in this situation, the Wraith was able to teleport immediately out before the timer ended. That means the Wraith could grab the loot early, and set up directly outside the enemy door, waiting for an ambush.

Respawn developers already made a comment on the Reddit post, so you can expect a fix rather soon. It's unknown if they'll punish players that use this glitch on purpose as it ruins the integrity of the game. This isn't the only recent Apex Legends bug as Revenant has run into his own problem.