Apex Legends

Apex Legends Arena Fight Turns into Slapstick Hilarity

This Apex Legends player literally got the drop on their opponent.
This Apex Legends player literally got the drop on their opponent. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Although plenty of battle royales have humorous elements to their stories and tones, Apex Legends is typically a fairly serious affair once the shooting gets started. But this clip shows a rare occasion where the humor of the game's writing bleeds into its frantic action.

Reddit user and Wattson player u/QwannyMon posted this clip of their misadventures to the Apex Legends subreddit Saturday.

At the start of the clip, QwannyMon and their two teammates have all but clinched a round of Arena, with QwannyMon putting the last bullet in the head of the second enemy player. With just one enemy left alive, QwannyMon runs over to revive their downed teammate. No sooner do they finish the revive animation than appears the final enemy Valkrie, come to murder them both.

QwannyMon opens fire with their Peacekeeper, landing a few solid shots but tanking a few of the enemy's at the same time. The two players are jumping around each other in a mad scramble, climbing up and down a set of stairs to throw off their opponent's shooting. Then QwannyMon jumps forward just as the enemy Valkyrie takes a few steps down the stairs.

But QwannyMon doesn't fall. They look around in confusion, unable to find the enemy Valkyrie and scratching their head. Then they realize they're moving even though they're not pressing any buttons. And it dawns on them: They're standing on the Valkyrie's head.

The Valkyrie is even more lost than QwannyMon was, walking backwards and continuing to shoot at nothing. QwannyMon takes this opportunity to aim their Peacekeeper straight down and, presumably with a huge smile on their face, pull the trigger, annihilating the Valkyrie and winning the round with a bit of slapstick silliness.