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Apex Legends Arena Legend Tier List November 2021

Overflow map in Apex Legends' Arenas mode
Overflow map in Apex Legends' Arenas mode / Credit to EA/Respawn

The Apex Legends Arena Legend Tier List for November 2021 will be different than last month's list because of Ash's effect on the meta.

Ash, the newest playable legend in Apex Legends, will undoubtedly have a large impact on Arenas mode's meta. Her passive will be effectively useless, but her ultimate and tactical abilities will have a huge impact on any 3-vs-3 battle

Apex Legends Arena Legend Tier List November 2021

S Tier Legends

The S tier Legends are Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Ash and Pathfinder. Bloodhound gives crucial information about the enemy team's whereabouts during a battle. Gibraltar can use his Dome of Protection to provide instant cover in a battle or to ensure that your team is the first to grab extra healing from supply crates. Ash's one direction portal that can be placed from a distance will be a crucial positioning tool in Arenas. Pathfinder can grab currency faster than any other legend and reposition quickly to find more effective angles.

A Tier Legends

In A tier we have Lifeline, Octane, Seer, Valkyrie. Lifeline benefits greatly form being able to purchase the golden bag every round to make her passive incredibly powerful. Octane is useful for grabbing materials and extra healing because of his movement speed. Seer gives a good amount of information on the enemy, but not as frequently as Bloodhound. Valkyrie's ultimate has limited use in Arenas, but her tactical and passive are still incredibly useful.

B Tier Legends

B tier legends include Caustic, Loba, Fuse, Rampart and Wattson. Caustic can make it difficult for the enemy squad to push in and has fairly good offensive area denial as well. Loba can steal practically all of the healing in a match of arenas before any other legend can. Fuse can make it difficult for enemies to find cover, but he will have to invest heavily in grenades. Rampart's amped barrier are either hit or miss in Arenas. It is smart for Rampart players to save at least one amped barrier for the final ring. Wattson's fences have less use in Arenas, but her Interception Pylon can work wonders against some team compositions.

C Tier Legends

C tier legends are Horizon, Bangalore, Revenant and Wraith. Horizon has to be smarter about when and where to use her lift in Arenas because there isn't as much high ground for players to take advantage of. Bangalore's smokes are effective in early rounds, but eventually players will be able to afford digital threat identifying sights that will render them next to useless. Revenant's Death Totem is much easier to counter and punish in Arenas. Wraith's kit has less viability in Arenas because stealing a strong final ring position is less important than it is in Battle Royale.

D Tier Legends

The two D tier legends are Crypto and Mirage. Mirage relies almost exclusively on gun skill to win rounds in Arenas. Crypto struggles to provide information to his team and support them in a firefight at the same time.