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Apex Legends Arena Weapons Tier List December 2021

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Arenas are fun to play but aren't like the usual Battle Royales people are used to. The concept of the game mode is different where players will need to purchase weapons in order to use them, if not, players are given a default weapon, the P2020.

Apex Legends Arena Weapons Tier List December 2021

Here are the best and worst weapons in Apex Legends Arena:


The C.A.R, R-301, Flatline, R-99, Rampage, and Volt are great weapons, easier to use for beginners, and have some flexibility making them great weapons to use. Especially for the Volt, distance can be a challenge in an Arena map, but the Volt is great for both close and distanced combat.


Bocek, Peacekeeper, Wingman, L-Star, Prowler, Charge Rifle are weapons that are still great to use but in cases like the Prowler and Bocek, they may not be suitable for everyone and may require a learning curve to use it. In addition, the Prowler requires a bit more time for reloading which can disturb your gameplay. These weapons still manage to do a lot of damage like the Peacekeeper.


Havoc, Sentinel, Mastiff are mediocre weapons. These weapons aren't as flexible, are slightly more expensive to purchase in-game, and require a certain style to play with. Snipers aren't as ideal in the Arena's fast-paced matches but some can still make the best out of playing with snipers and marksmen class weapons.


Triple Take, Devotion, RE-45, Longbow, arent favored in Arena matches and require a bit more learning curve than other weapons. In addition, using the Triple Take in Arena matches doesn't maximize the usage in-game, compared to Battle Royale matches.


Not many other weapons are bad in Arenas but the P2020 isn't everyone's favorite to use. The pistol is free in Arena matches, but no one looks forward to using this weapon.