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Apex Legends Arenas Legends Tier List October 2021

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October 2021's Apex Legends Arenas legends tier list will differ from its Battle Royale counterpart because the close-quartered 3-v-3 style of Arenas mode caters less to rotations and more to information gathering and defense. Movement legends tend to focus more on material gathering in Arenas mode rather than moving their team great distances.

Legends were ranked on the following criteria: what a legend helps the team, how well a legend fits into the niche of Arenas, and the amount of resources required to purchase a legend's abilities. Legends are in no particular order within their given tiers.

Apex Legends Arenas Legends Tier List October 2021

S Tier Legends: Cream of the Crop

The S Tier legends include Seer, Pathfinder, Lifeline and Octane. Seer's reveal is better than Bloodhounds in Arenas because the smaller maps make it easier to land and it marks the target for much longer. Pathfinder can grab materials faster than any other character and his abilities are fairly cheap to purchase. Octane can also rush to grab the team some materials and on top of that his Launch Pad is cheap and versatile.

A Tier Legends: Always Appreciated on a Team

A Tier legends are Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar and Rampart. Bloodhound's scans can be expensive, but the information they give is absolutely crucial to a team. Caustic can make a room nearly impossible to push into, but his ultimate is fairly expensive. Gibraltar has some of the most expensive abilities in the game, but if used properly they can be the reason a round is won.

B Tier Legends: Decent in Arenas

B Tier is made up of Fuse, Horizon, Revenant, Loba and Wattson. Fuse can crank out insane damage and easily force enemies out of cover, but all of the grenades and utility required to do so will cost a pretty penny. Horizon can be hit or miss in Arenas. On maps where there is high ground to capture she is actually very strong, but other more open maps can limit her viability. Revenant's ultimate can be incredibly useful, but it is also expensive and can only be used every other round at most. Loba can use her ultimate to steal all the healing items on the map at the beginning of every round, but enemies can invest more heavily in healing items to counteract this. Wattson's fences are less useful in Arenas, but her ultimate can make your team intimidating to push into.

C Tier Legends: Limited Viability in Arenas

C Tier includes Bangalore, Valkyrie and Wraith. Bangalore's smoke can provide cover on resources or supply bins in early rounds, but in later rounds most players will have the money to invest in digital threat identifier sights that hard-counter her smoke screens. Valkyrie's redeploy is much less useful in Arenas because the enemy team will be aware of where you launch from and where you're landing, making it difficult to land safely. Wraith can still make good use of her small hitbox and tactical ability, but her ultimate ability will have limited use in Arenas.

D Tier Legends: Always Less Optimal

Crypto and Mirage make up D Tier. Crypto is better in Arenas than in Battle Royale, but he still struggles with aiding his team in a fight while using his drone. Mirage's ultimate is incredibly fun to use in Arenas, but unfortunately he doesn't provide to the team in any other form.