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Apex Legends Ash Voice Actor: Who is It?

Photo by EA

Many voices stay in everyone's heads when thinking about video game characters. One of the newest Apex Legends characters, Ash, has had us wondering who is behind the voice?

Apex Legends Ash Voice Actor: Who is It?

Ash is voiced by actress, Anna Campbell.

In the tweet above, PlayApex tweeted out a background story about the newest character coming to the game, Ash. Anna Campbell voices Ash and her background in acting has a couple of notable movies and tv shows that are worth noting. She has appeared in NCIS, Jason Rising, Single Mother by Choice, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As Ash is a throwback from the Titanfall series, Anna Campbell also voiced the character back in Titanfall 2.

In the tweet above, Respawn welcomed Anna Campbell as the voice to Ash.

Ash will be arriving to Apex Legends on Nov. 2.

Ash's abilites include:

  • Marked for Death: Ash's map reveals all Deathbox locations
  • Arc Ball: Releases a slow moving ball of charged electricity that tethers people who get too close
  • Phase Breach: Dash and leave a portal

With a lot of excitement behind the character, it will be interesting to see how much she is used and if she becomes a main stay in the Apex World.