Apex Legends Bangalore Skin: Fan-Made Skin Blows People Away

Apex Legends Bangalore latest skin for the Halloween event was a pleasant surprise as Respawn Entertainment hadn't made an interesting one yet for her character.

That being said, fans have made fantastic skin ideas for Bangalore including this one.

Apex Legends Bangalore Skin: Artist Shows Off Bangalore Skin

Artist Michał Sałata kept the Bangalore military theme, but also gave her a more aggressive and younger look. This could easily be here style when she first joined, more of a guerrilla warfare style.

Respawn Entertainment is trying to be more creative with skins as Season 3 and the Halloween event brought some of the most innovative yet.

Apex Legends has been adding new things to the game every month and the new map was a welcoming surprise. Let's just hope Respawn continues with the new skins.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment