Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Battle Pass Bocek Skin's Iron Sights Bugged

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players face another bug in Season 11, using the new Battle Pass skin for the Bocek Bow.

When using the Bocek Bow with the battle pass skin, players are unable to properly use any optic attachments. Instead, the iron sights, or default sights, cover the optics equipped.

Without an optic attachment, players can find it harder to use the Bocek Bow long-distance or to track their shot accurately.

Players expressed their frustration about the inconvenience with the Bocek's skin on Reddit.

So far in Season 11, there have been multiple bugs in-game with weapons that Respawn Entertainment has had to patch, like the decreased magazine size in the Triple Take and a kill trigger that caused players to fall underneath the map.

Optic attachments still work with other Bocek Bow skins and its default skin. Respawn Entertainment has not released a statement or patch to fix this bug. This isn't the only weapon iron sights that seem to be bugged. Apex Legends players have discovered the CAR SMG's iron sights don't exactly align with the center of the screen at all times, making the gun harder to aim and track with.