Apex Legends Battle Pass Price: How Much Does it Cost?

Apex Legends Battle Pass price became a topic of discussion Tuesday with the start of the special Battle Pass double XP live event.

This was the first ever Battle Pass experience boost event in Apex Legends' short lifespan, but seems to be a fixture moving forward considering the importance it puts on purchasing a Battle Pass.

So, how much does an Apex Legends Battle Pass cost? Here's what it will cost to purchase an Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Price: How Much Does it Cost?

There are two variations of the Battle Pass available to purchase: the regular and the bundle. Much like its competitor Fortnite.

Here's how much each costs and what each contains:

Battle Pass: 950 Apex Coins

Battle Pass Bundle: 2,700 Apex Coins

The bundle will give players the first 25 levels of the Battle Pass included in the purchase. A price worth paying for those who want a head start in completing the 100 available tiers.

For those who are hesitant on purchasing a Battle Pass, here's what can be earned during the season without purchasing a Battle Pass:

  • 1 Wild Frontier Skin
  • 5 Apex Packs
  • 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts