Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 3 Possibly Leaked

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 3 has possibly been leaked by @That1MiningGuy. The leaker is known for posting leaked skins, characters, events.

As with any season, the new battle pass gets a new name and plenty of creative cosmetics.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 3 Leaked

According to the leak, Season 3 will be called  "Fire and Ice."

Here is a list of everything that That1MiningGuy found:

  • Character skins for Octane and Caustic
  • Weapon skins for R301 (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Spitfire (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Alternator (Legendary, reactive)
  • Legendary Apex Pack
  • Epic Apex Pack
  • 2550 Crafting Metals

Battle Pass bundle:

  • 25 battle pass levels
  • Exclusive Legendary Spitfire skin
  • Exclusive character skin
  • For the actual map changes, that's left up to speculation. Fire and Ice could hint toward a splitting of the map. Maybe one half becomes covered in snow and ice while the other is teeming with fire or lava. Anything can happen and it looks like Respawn Entertainment is changing the existing map instead of a making brand new map.

    The leak doesn't have a launch date, but Season 2 ends on the last week of September, so this could launch soon after.

    Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment